Month: December 2019

How to request a loan to do works at home

With the return after Easter holidays and the arrival of good weather, many families plan to make renovations at home. Sometimes it’s just about renewing the painting, but at other times the matter goes a little further. And the change is almost integral. It can be a turn to the kitchen, the bathroom or both. Read More

Dangers of applying for a loan to reform your home

Reforming a house does not usually come cheap. Especially if you don’t settle for a simple face wash. A comprehensive reform, depending on the quality of the materials used, can range between 300 and 700 dollars per square meter. Of course, for that price you can turn your old home into a totally new space. Read More

When it comes to furnishing your home, is credit or financing better?

Travel and renovation (17%), the purchase of household appliances (16%) and the purchase of furniture (13%) will be the purchases that will be paid the most in a financed manner during this year. They are data from the trend barometer on payment methods prepared by American Express. To finance itself, 47% will prefer consumer credit. Read More

What is the variable rate mortgage: pros and cons

The variable rate mortgage is a loan whose interest rate does not remain static but, over time, can fluctuate. What do these oscillations depend on? From the performance of the reference financial index. If the index rises the rate will vary upwards. If it goes down it will be touched down. But what are the Read More